Warren jokingly wagers DeVos vote on Patriots

Warren, Isakson wager DeVos vote on Super Bowl
Warren, Isakson wager DeVos vote on Super Bowl


    Warren, Isakson wager DeVos vote on Super Bowl


Warren, Isakson wager DeVos vote on Super Bowl 00:50

Story highlights

  • Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Johnny Isakson represent the two cities from which this year's Super Bowl teams hail
  • Isakson never publicly accepted the wager

Washington (CNN)There is a lot at stake as the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons go head to head in the Super Bowl this weekend in Houston -- and that could include the stewardship of the Department of Education.

Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren is comfortable putting her vote against education secretary-designate Betsy DeVos in the hands of Tom Brady and the Patriots.
In the midst of a parliamentary break, talk turned to football, as Sen. Johnny Isakson, R-Georgia, bragged about his Falcons, opening himself up to a wager with the senator from Massachusetts.
    "Elizabeth Warren and I need to talk about a bet on the Super Bowl," Isakson said.
    "How about we put a vote for Betsy DeVos on the line?" Warren asked confidently.
    "That's more than a gamble," Isakson said.
    The senators have opposing views on DeVos' confirmation, and had cast votes in opposition just minutes earlier.
    Isakson never publicly accepted the wager. But it is not uncommon for senators to make friendly wagers on their teams throughout the playoffs.
    Warren had won a case of Penn Pilsner beer off of Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Pat Toomey when the Patriots beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship Game earlier this month. Isakson said the cheese he had won from Ron Johnson, R-Wisconsin in the Falcons win over the Green Bay Packers was "outstanding."
    CLARIFICATION: The headline has been updated to make clear it was Warren's wager.