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Schumer: Travel ban against American values
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Democrats protesting the ban until Trump withdraws it

They said it goes against the values of the US

Washington CNN  — 

House and Senate Democrats stood outside the Supreme Court in the cold on Monday night to protest President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

“I’m very proud to stand her with members of the House Democratic Caucus, soon to be joined by the Senate Democrats as well, sharing views in a bipartisan way with many of our Republican colleagues who agree that what the President did undermines our values and is not in support of the oath of office that we take, to support and defend the Constitution of the United States,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said before the audio cut out.

Trump signed an executive order Friday barring citizens from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Somalia and Sudan from entering the country for 90 days and suspended the admission of all refugees for 120 days. The order indefinitely bans entry of those fleeing from war-torn Syria.

Trump’s ban has received widespread criticism from world leaders as being divisive, illegal, insulting and discriminatory.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer took the stage after Pelosi on Monday night to slam the ban, adding that Democrats are planning to protest it until Trump withdraws it.

“This order is against what we believe in in America. The order will make us unsafe. The order will make us inhumane. And the order will make us less of America because this order is what America is all about. It will make us unsafe because it will encourage those who are lone wolves as they get more and more isolated, which is our greatest danger,” Schumer said.

He continued, “But most of all, it is against what America is all about. America for its history has been a shining beacon and it has said, we welcome you if you are oppressed because of your religion, because of your political beliefs, because of who you are.”

“We will not let this evil order make us less American. We will fight it with everything we have and we will win this fight,” he said.