Becky Anderson on her heroes: Her fellow journalists

(CNN)"2016 [was] an exceptionally busy year in news," says Becky Anderson, CNN anchor and managing editor of the Abu Dhabi bureau.

Terrorist attacks in European cities. A failed coup in Turkey. The rise of a more assertive Russia. High profile deaths, the Olympics and a raft of political upheaval amid rising populism, from Brexit to Rodrigo Duterte to the election of Donald Trump.
"Throughout it all, we as journalists have been on the scene to witness events unfold and to report how these massive events are impacting the lives of people around the world," Anderson says.
    Journalists, she argues, are her heroes, and chose to foreground their work for CNN's My Hero, a series profiling the heroes of our correspondents and anchors. "It's not always the most glamorous of jobs, doing countless hours of live programming or pulling all-nighters, so I salute them for their courage, dedication, and their tireless efforts to go there and get the story."