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President Trump and the new world order

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May will join Trump for what will be his first news conference at president at 1:00 p.m. ET Friday

Trump and May both have strong political incentives to make the visit a roaring success

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President Donald Trump will hold his first news conference as commander in chief Friday, joining British counterpart Theresa May for a Q&A with the press at the White House.

Joint news conferences with a foreign leader are typically part of the schedule when a foreign leader visits, though it is unclear how many questions Trump will take on Friday.

Trump will field questions at a time when his foreign policy vision and tone is being heavily scrutinized, particularly after a high-profile fight with Mexico on Thursday that resulted in the Mexican president canceling his planned visit to the White House.

Trump and May, who took office in July, both have strong political incentives to make the visit – likely to be heavier on symbolism and aspiration than deliverables – a roaring success.

The Prime Minister is telling Britons their country will be a robust global trading power once it has exited the European Union, and a free-trade pact with the US is the most important pillar of that plan. Trump also has an interest in talking up a trade deal. The envisioned agreement with Britain is exactly the kind of bilateral pact that the Trump administration says is the model for US trade policy going forward.

On Thursday, May addressed congressional Republicans at a party retreat in Philadelphia.

Trump went nearly six months without holding a news conference before engaging in a combative Q&A with the press earlier this month at Trump Tower in Manhattan.

CNN’s Stephen Collinson contributed reporting.