5 things for Monday, January 23: Donald Trump, Women's March, Syria talks

Spicer's tirade stuns reporters_00000000
Spicer's tirade stuns reporters_00000000


    Who's 'delegitimizing' whom?


Who's 'delegitimizing' whom? 07:42

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(CNN)Good morning from 5 Things, where we bring you the alternative to alternative facts. Here's what you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.

1. Trump administration

The Trump era is only a few days old, but it's already gifted us a new phrase -- "alternative facts." As in, statements that aren't lies - just alternatives to the truth. It started with Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who proclaimed that President Trump's inauguration was the biggest ever "period!" (It wasn't, no matter how you slice it - visual evidence or TV ratings). Yesterday, Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway doubled down on that assertion -- and added that phrase to our lexicon. Conway also told us the President won't be releasing his tax returns after all, despite campaign promises to eventually do so.

    2. Women's March

    More than a million marchers. In all 50 states. On all seven continents. The Women's March was a remarkable protest against a new president on his first full day in office. But now the question is: is this the start of a more enduring opposition movement or just a cathartic moment? One central hurdle for protesters: their effort to draw attention to so many different political priorities. Even the signs they carried reflected the diversity of their agendas. So what's next? Here are 25 ways to get politically active (whether you lean liberal or conservative).

    3. Syria peace talks

    Remember this phrase; you'll be hearing it a lot this week: The Astana Initiative. That's the name for the latest round of Syria peace talks. This one's being held in Astana, Kazakhstan -- and it's being billed as the first time rebel groups would be negotiating directly with Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad's regime since war began in 2011. The talks will last three days and the heavy lifting will be done by Russia (which supports Assad) and Turkey (which stands behind the rebels). The US won't really have a seat at this table because the new Trump administration is still getting up and running.

    4. Weather

    Millions are under tornado watches in the Southeast this morning after a wave of deadly storms killed more than a dozen people in two states over the weekend. Fourteen people died in Georgia where tornadoes left behind a landscape dotted with overturned cars, debris and damaged homes. And a tornado -- with winds up to 165 mph -- killed four people in Mississippi. Meanwhile, on the West Coast, parts of California dealt with a wicked winter storm. A woman in northern California died after the storm caused a tree to fall into her apartment. And two people are missing off the coast of Pebble Beach.

    5. Super Bowl

    It's the team we see all the time versus the team no one saw coming. The New England Patriots are headed to the Super Bowl for a record ninth time. They'll face off against the Atlanta Falcons. Did you predict the Dirty Birds would be back in the big game for only the second time? Put your hand down! No one foresaw that. The Pats are gunning for their fifth Super Bowl title, while the Falcons are hoping for the first in its history. The early line out of Vegas (which is for entertainment purposes only, mind you) lists New England as favorites.


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