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Updated 5:35 PM ET, Mon January 23, 2017
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Main Street in Hyannis, the Grant County seat, features a small handful of businesses, including a grocery store, a bank, a restaurant, a bar and a health care clinic that is open only one full day a week. Jessica Ravitz/CNN
Merla Hebbert, 85, was born into a family that has ranched in Grant County ever since her granddad settled here. As a little girl, she rode her favorite horse, Rat, to school by herself -- as far as 8 miles each way. Jessica Ravitz/CNN
Tom White, 71, is a county commissioner. He says younger people are returning to the area. "They found out life on the other side wasn't so sweet after all," he says. Jessica Ravitz/CNN
A couple times a month, people pull into the center of Hyannis with truck beds full of dead coyotes, which are a nuisance to ranchers. A buyer comes in from out of town to inspect and purchase the animals for the fur trade. Jessica Ravitz/CNN
Amanda White, 42, left, and Montica Haney, 44, work at the deli counter in the gas station. Haney's husband is employed by the railroad, so their family insurance is covered, a rarity in Grant County. White says she's on Obamacare only to avoid paying penalties. The government, she says, "feared us into it." Jessica Ravitz/CNN
Bill Baker, 59, is the veterinarian in town and focuses as much as 90% of his practice on cows and calves, the rest on horses, dogs and cats. He likes living in a place that's quiet and where residents don't need to be entertained. "People don't mess with you," he says. "You live your life." Jessica Ravitz/CNN
Marilyn Harris, 55, moved to Grant County from Palm Beach, Florida, 14 years ago, after she said she received a God-given vision that she would have cattle. She did, until a recent divorce. She runs a bed and breakfast in Hyannis, where she also feeds seniors. She is paid in flowers to feed a florist's mother. Jessica Ravitz/CNN
Sharline Hayward Haney of Hyannis was the face of a Nebraska beef campaign starting in the late 1950s. This image is on display in the Grant County Museum, upstairs in the county courthouse. Her daughter-in-law is the county clerk. Jessica Ravitz/CNN
Pat Keslar is a retired bank president who says he could have left Hyannis to make big money but stayed to pursue his dream of raising hunting dogs and quarter horses. He was a Trump supporter from day one, shows off his vaulted safe full of rifles and ammunition and says, mocking Clinton, "I'm one of those deplorables -- and proud of it." With him is Jaws, a hunter retriever champion. Jessica Ravitz/CNN
Lisa Jamison, 48, is serving her fourth term on the Hyannis area school board. She won the tittle of Miss Rodeo America in 1991 and competed in barrel racing, pole bending and goat tying. Jessica Ravitz/CNN