President Donald Trump's first salut
President Donald Trump's first salut
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Inauguration Day serves as the most tradition-laden celebration that this young country has. The pomp and circumstance is almost enough to make you forget that America is barely two centuries old.

Today, President Donald Trump got a major promotion, and the best way to relive and recap his official inaugural festivities is in GIFs.

Trump woke up this morning with president-elect in front of his name. He and his family went to church at St. Johns, a tradition that has been in place for decades. He gave the sermon his signature point/thumbs up/wave, which will officially replace the Biden finger guns as our national gesture.

The Trumps went to go visit the Obamas at the White House. Melania even presented Michelle Obama with a gift! But let’s be 100% honest: The last thing you need on moving day – universally recognized as one of the worst days of adulthood – is more stuff. It is the thought that counts.

In what was probably the most fascinating split screen in the history of television, Hillary Clinton shared the screen with, in the words of CNN’s John King, “the two men who denied her the presidency.” Don’t worry, it got more awkward later.

President Barack Obama showed then-President-elect Trump what is probably the most enviable part of being POTUS: no traffic.

There is the speed at which glaciers move, and then there is the ceremonial walk pace. If the Trump children were forced to walk any slower through the Capitol, they would be walking backwards.

On a day that is at least 40% about dramatic entrances and exits, Trump set the standard.

Trump then said the 35 magic words that made his promotion official. After taking the oath, he was officially the 45th President of the United States.

Then it was time for the previous administration to make their dramatic exits. Former President Barack Obama left on a helicopter.

But, in the Biden-iest of moves, former Vice President Joe Biden left for Delaware on the train. The long-time senator literally made that round-trip ride from Washington to Delaware more than 8,000 times.

President Trump signed his first bill into law. And this wouldn’t be a proper roundup of a ceremonial government event without a photobomb by a cute kid.

During the official luncheon at the Capitol, Congress presented the new President and Vice President with gifts. One of the gifts was a picture from the swearing-in. Printing those photos was literally the quickest Congress has ever been at anything. President Trump even checked the photo to make sure it was real. It was.

Fun fact: Day drinking is perfectly acceptable when you’re grown adults who run the country.

President Trump then acknowledged one of his very special guests: Hillary Clinton. I told you it got more awkward. Both parties handled the shout out with grace.

Then the Inaugural Parade happened. It’s not like a parade at Disney, but if limos are your thing, it was so much better!

Vice President Mike Pence was there, too. He is already picking up the mantle of former Vice President Biden by delivering on the funny gestures.

Here’s to four years as GIFtastic as today.