Trump's America: Cartoon views from around the world

Updated 3:08 PM ET, Mon January 23, 2017
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Tjeerd Royaards is a Dutch editorial cartoonist living in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He is editor-in-chief of cartoonmovement.com Tjeerd Royaards
Damien Glez is a Burkina Faso-based cartoonist-columnist. He draws for publications on three continents. Damien Glez
Michel Kichka is an Israeli editorial cartoonist based in Jerusalem. Michel Kichka
J.J. McCullough is a political cartoonist and commentator currently living in Toronto, Canada. JJ McCullough
Cintia Bolio lives in Mexico City and is a self-taught artist, feminist and happy mother. This year she celebrates 21 years of work. Cintia Bolio
Thomas McClure is an American illustrator and designer whose most recent work is in the production and conceptual illustration for feature films. Tom McClure
Cecile Bertrand is a photographer, painter, sculptor, poster artist, comic strip writer and illustrator in Belgium. Cecile Bertrand
Lichuan Xia works in China as an editorial cartoonist and graphic designer. Xia Lichuan
Cathy Wilcox is an Australian cartoonist who has been drawing for The Sydney Morning Herald and other Fairfax Media publications since 1989. Cathy Wilcox
Mikhail Zlatkovsky is an artist working in Moscow, providing illustrations for cartoons, posters, animations, books and magazines. Mikhail Zlatkovsky