The $85,000 inauguration package you were looking for

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  • The St. Regis is offering an $85,000 inauguration package
  • The package also includes a special souvenir

Washington (CNN)Washington-area hotels are deep into preparations for this weekend's inauguration festivities, with hundreds of thousands of visitors expected to descend on the Capitol.

"People are pouring into Washington in record numbers," President-elect Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday morning.
A search finds most hotel rooms in the vicinity are booked for Friday and AirBnB announced more than 13,000 guests booked in homes that evening, its biggest night ever in Washington.
    But if that's not appealing, the St. Regis is offering an $85,000 inauguration package.
    The package includes four nights in the hotel's presidential suite, full butler service and full transportation.
    The newly renovated presidential suite has a foyer, living room, dining room, library, bedroom and his and hers bathrooms and closets, custom-designed to accommodate multiple ballgowns.
    During their stay, guests will enjoy an inauguration-inspired meal in the suite. The dishes -- porterhouse steak, potato gratin and Oreo cheesecake -- were selected with the President-elect's palate in mind.
    The package also includes a special souvenir: a cigar humidor made from wood from a tree that fell on George Washington's property. (It's certified.)
    Built in 1926, the St. Regis, just down the street from the White House, is known for its over-the-top details, such as daily champagne sabering, hand-carved wood ceilings and personal butler service, which includes unpacking, packing, pressing, shoe shine, morning tea, afternoon beverage service and "any other requests," per Douglas Camp, director of sales and marketing for the hotel.
    The St. Regis has a storied history and frequently accommodates high-profile guests. While the hotel wouldn't divulge the identity of the guest who has purchased this weekend's inauguration package, it has been reserved by a "political figure," Camp said.
    "What we've seen in the past and this year are either VVIPs (very, very important people) that want to celebrate in the success of the President-elect, or celebrities. But this year, it's a political figure that wants to come and celebrate in the President-elect's position in taking office," Camp said.
    Chef-concierge J.F. Dupont will also be on hand to help guests, many of whom have never been to Washington, navigate the inauguration festivities. He advises comfortable shoes for the weekend.
    "I tell my guests, BMW: Bus, Metro and Walk," he said.