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Ruth Negga: 'Scaredy cat' turned star
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A newbie who’s also not, Ruth Negga has been acting for 15 years. But with a breakout role on AMC’s “Preacher” and a film performance in “Loving” that critics are, well, loving, 2016 proved Negga’s unrivaled ability to transform herself. She’s a chameleon; she’s a “Creator.”

Where it started:

Like many 30-somethings, Negga’s love for film began at the video rental store, where ‘80s movies would provide her and her cousins weekends-worth of entertainment. Once she was a teenager, she began accompanying her mother to the theater. “[It was] a different kind of thrill,” she said.

Anti-social (media):

“I’m still not on social media. I couldn’t tell you what Snapchat was if it came up and bit me on the nose.”