Eight ways this week on Capitol Hill has been like 'Friday the 13th'

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  • It's Friday the 13th, a date for which a horror movie is named

(CNN)Another Friday the 13th is upon us, and this particular day/date combo is enough to make the superstitious barricade themselves indoors. There was even a full moon!

Thus, the best way to round up a busy week in politics is through GIFs from the classic "Friday the 13th" horror franchise.
Both Republicans and Democrats claimed the other side was basically destroying the country. Not really all that different from any other week, except this week focused primarily on Obamacare.
    Republicans want to repeal it and started the work on Capitol Hill with the annual budget process.
    "The law is collapsing, and so we've got to rescue people," House Speaker Paul Ryan said in a CNN town hall Thursday.
    Democrats want to keep it.
    Sen. Bernie Sanders -- who appeared on a CNN town hall earlier in the week -- said repealing Obamacare could throw 30 million people off their health insurance.
    "And if that happens, many of these people will die," Sanders said.
    The other big story on the Hill was the beginning of confirmation hearings for President-elect Donald Trump's Cabinet nominees. Biggies included Sen. Jeff Sessions for attorney general, Rex Tillerson for secretary of state and James Mattis -- who clarified his nickname should not be "Mad Dog" -- for defense secretary.
    Speaking of those hearings, Sessions sat through eight hours of testimony on Tuesday. He was questioned on his record on race, religious minorities and enhanced interrogation techniques.
    Mattis, a retired Marine general, had to be granted a waiver by the Senate to even be eligible for his post because of an existing law banning military officials from becoming defense secretary within seven years of retirement.
    The waiver passed the Senate 81-17 and the House 268-151 -- no funny business there.
    During the hearing for Rep. Mike Pompeo's nomination to be CIA director, the power mysteriously went out, forcing the hearing into a temporary recess. At least no one went by themselves to check the circuit breakers.
    Speaking of people named Jason, Rep. Jason Chaffetz declared that he would continue the investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server.
    Like every good monster, that email thing comes back every time you think it's dead.
    One of the biggest fights in Congress this week was ridiculous, but was no laughing matter for those involved. Rep. William Lacy Clay rehanged a constituent's artwork in the Cannon tunnel multiple times after his Republican colleagues removed it.
    Republicans said the piece -- which depicts police officers as pigs -- was offensive.
    Regardless of your stance on the content, the idea of grown adults playing capture the flag with a painting is classic politics. Imagine doing that at any job other than Congress or on "The Office."
    Next week is the inauguration of Trump, and with so much to do with so little time before the new administration takes over, it's going to be another long week. And we all know that sequels to horror movies are always so much better than their predecessors. Right?