#TBT: A picture perfect inauguration for one of America's worst presidents

Next Friday, the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump will be broadcast to the far reaches of the globe on TV and the web. But it was only just before the Civil War that an inauguration was first captured for posterity.
With his signature popped collar and his most eligible bachelor swagger, President James Buchanan lucked out when photographic technology captured his 1857 inauguration. The image above is the first known photograph of a presidential inauguration.
    The last bachelor to ever be President
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      The last bachelor to ever be President


    The last bachelor to ever be President 01:58
    In the photo, you can see the Capitol, which was still under construction. It was taken by John Wood, the photographer for the Architect of the Capitol. There is also a noticeably smaller crowd than inaugurations draw in today.
    And why wasn't anyone overly bundled up beyond the socially acceptable mores of 19th century dress? Well, back then inaugurations happened in the spring. It wasn't until 1933, with the ratification of the 20th Amendment that the date was moved to January.
    While Buchanan has been remembered by some as one of the worst presidents ever -- many people saying that the Civil War was a result of his lax policy toward slavery -- he was also the only president to remain a lifelong bachelor. Everyone can agree that if there's one thing to learn from this inauguration, it's to always be camera ready.
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