Washington CNN —  

Sen. Bernie Sanders and a Donald Trump supporter shared a heated moment Monday night during CNN’s town hall event as the Democrat was pressed on Obama administration regulations.

Jim Jacobs, who said he was a small business owner, told the Vermont senator he was concerned about the effects of what he called a raft of burdensome regulations.

“The devil is in the details. We’ve got to see what those regulations are,” Sanders said, not giving an inch.

Sanders said he wouldn’t rule out reconsidering some regulations, but added he didn’t know which ones the man was citing.

“It’s very easy to blame Barack Obama for everything, by the way. Some of those regulations may be state, may be local,” the Vermont senator said.

“But some of them, if you’re talking about – you now, you have some folks out there who really want the freedom to pollute our air and pollute our water,” he said. “They want to get rid of those regulations. I don’t agree. I don’t agree. We have got to protect our environment.”

Sanders added that while Obama raised taxes on the wealthiest Americans, he would have gone further.

“Obama did raise taxes on the top 1 or 2%, and you know what? I would have gone further. I think the wealthiest people in this country are doing phenomenally well,” Sanders said.