Utah ski lift mishap caught on video

Boy dangles from ski lift in Utah
Boy dangles from ski lift in Utah


    Boy dangles from ski lift in Utah


Boy dangles from ski lift in Utah 00:48

Story highlights

  • Ski patrol rescues boy from chairlift in Utah
  • Boy's backpack had become stuck and he was dangling from lift

(CNN)Skiers may want to be extra careful about wearing backpacks on chairlifts.

For the second time in a month, ski patrol at a Utah resort had to rescue a boy dangling from a lift after the boy's backpack became stuck.
Clinton Ashmead was riding a chairlift with his children at the Sundance Resort above Provo Canyon on Monday when it suddenly came to a stop, he told CNN.
    "It stopped and we looked around and we saw a boy dangling," Ashmead said. "The ski patrol reacted quickly -- they shut down the lift and put a pad under the area in case the boy did fall."
    Ashmead commended the boy's demeanor throughout the ordeal, saying the child remained calm and appeared to kick off his skis to lessen the weight on the backpack.
    Dramatic video captured by Ashmead shows ski patrol rushing to save the boy, using a ladder to help lower him to safety.
    The boy was not injured, CNN affiliate KSTU reported.
    It is the second such incident at the Sundance Resort in less than a month. In December another boy was left dangling after his backpack also became stuck. Ski patrol used a ladder to free him.
    Resort officials told KSTU they advise skiers against wearing backpacks on chairlifts and tell them to make sure they're not caught on anything before it's time to unload from the lift.