Llama on the loose on Georgia highway

A llama turns heads as it wanders along a busy thoroughfare Wednesday outside Athens, Georgia.

Story highlights

  • A llama on the loose stops traffic near college town of Athens, Georgia
  • Authorities catch the animal and return it safely to its owner

(CNN)A Georgia college town isn't the natural setting for a llama, so motorists might have thought they were hallucinating when the wooly creature on the loose caught their eye.

Hannah Martin and her boyfriend, Matt Bridgers, had stopped in traffic Wednesday when they saw the llama casually wandering along Epps Bridge Parkway, a busy thoroughfare outside Athens, Georgia.
"I first spotted the llama about 100 yards away crossing the road and initially thought it was a person," Martin said. "Never would've expected a llama until it started galloping down the median toward us."
    Other drivers were also quick to notice the animal native to South America, which seemed unperturbed by the flashing blue lights from a police car. "It's a good day for (Oconee County) cops," one onlooker tweeted.