White House video showcases family residence

A living space in the White House private residence.

Story highlights

  • A video released by the White House shows images of the family living space
  • "This is a place of history ... a place that belongs to the people," Obama says

Washington (CNN)With just a few days remaining before the Obamas hand over the White House to the Trumps, a new video is giving the public a closer look of the private residences at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

In a video released by The White House, the design and décor put into place by the current first family is put on display as President Barack Obama narrates, describing what it is like to live within such hallowed halls.
"This is a place of history ... a place that belongs to the people," Obama says as images of the residence's beige color scheme in the personal living spaces are shown.
    Obama also spoke in the video about his family's experiences in the home. He describes how he reveres democratic tradition of temporarily taking up residence and making the most of the four or eight years a president gets to live there.
    "Every day, although you consider it the place you live, I think you are very mindful that this is a place of history," Obama says. "You just make sure during the time you're here, you're doing the best you can to serve the people who sent you."
    The first look inside the Obama's private living quarters on the White House's second floor came just last year in the December 2016 issue of Architectural Digest.
    A bedroom in the private living quarters of the White House.
    "Their private quarters remain an oasis of civility and, yes, refined taste in a political arena so often bereft of both," wrote journalist Mayer Rus of the largely neutral, simple interiors.