5 things for Wednesday, January 4, 2017: Donald Trump, Inauguration Day, Charles Manson

Republicans drop plan to gut ethics watchdog
Republicans drop plan to gut ethics watchdog


    Republicans drop plan to gut ethics watchdog


Republicans drop plan to gut ethics watchdog 03:57

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(CNN)Good Wednesday morning. There are just 16 more days until Inauguration Day, which brings you either great joy or great heartburn. Anyway, here's what you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.

1. Politics

House Republicans pulled a 180 and dumped their plan to gut an independent ethics watchdog. They endured blistering criticism all day and then threw in the towel when President-elect Trump whacked them (via tweet, of course). And while he was on Twitter, Trump took another shot at the intelligence agencies that will brief him on Russia's alleged hacking of our elections.

    2. Inauguration Day

    Donald Trump's inauguration guest list just got a little bit longer. The Clintons and the Bushes will be there for his big day. Hillary Clinton's going to put aside whatever hurt feelings that may be left over from the election, and former President George W. Bush said he'll be happy to attend, despite not even voting for Trump. But there may be a no-show in the inaugural parade. Trump's invited a marching band from a historically black college in Alabama to perform, but the invite has sharply divided Talladega College. The school's president says he'll announce today whether the band will make the trip.

    3. NAACP sit-in

    A sit-in at Jeff Sessions' office ended with arrests. Six members of the NAACP, including its president, arrived at the Alabama senator's office in Mobile and announced they weren't leaving until Sessions was no longer Trump's nominee for attorney general. But they were arrested instead and charged with trespassing. Sessions has been accused of making racist remarks in the past.

    4. Charles Manson

    Charles Manson is in serious condition at a prison hospital in California. Not much more is known about why the 82-year-old ex-cult leader was hospitalized. Manson shocked the nation back in 1970 when he ordered a wave of killings by his followers that left seven people dead.

    5. Istanbul nightclub attack

    Turkey says it now knows who shot up Reina nightclub early on New Year's Day, but the government won't name him or provide his nationality. Police released a "selfie video" of the man at a market near the nightclub. Five suspected ISIS members were also detained in the investigation. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the massacre which killed 39 people.


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