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Best of Biden's final Senate swearing-in

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Vice President Joe Biden performed his final Senate swearing-in

Biden has made the ceremonial swearing-in one of Washington's most talked about biennial events

Washington CNN —  

Vice President Joe Biden fulfilled his duty Tuesday as president of the Senate when he swore in senators for the 115th Congress.

Biden has made the ceremonial swearing-in one of Washington’s most talked about biennial events. This year, Biden got up close and personal with the families of more than 30 senators.

He gave advice to the younger generation and laughed about years gone by with older members with whom he served during his 36 years representing Delaware.

Not to be outshone by his performance in 2015, Biden made his final swearing-in one the Twittersphere will not soon forget.

He made friends with adults and kids alike, took some selfies and doled out some good old Uncle Joe wisdom. Take a look at the video above for some of the best moments from Biden’s final ceremonial swearing-in.