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Moaning about 2016 is soo last year. If you’re ready for a little positivity, here’s a bunch of cool stuff we can all look forward to in 2017. Bring it on! (But not like, too much. Some people are still feeling kinda fragile.)

1. A solar eclipse

annular eclipse 05 FILE 0901

Next summer, a solar eclipse will darken southern cities like Charleston and Nashville for a few minutes. If you don’t live in the South, no worries! The natural blackout will be visible with less intensity in other major cities. If you want visit these spots, NASA has you covered. Just don’t forget to wear your sunglasses!

2. Moon adventures – for real!

penumbral lunar eclipse irpt

Humans continue their leap in space, and Google is leading a moonshot effort. The company is rewarding three privately-funded teams who reach Earth’s moon by 2017. The requirements: A team’s rover must travel 500 meters on lunar grounds and send back high-definition footage. You know, because pics or it didn’t happen. Oh, and besides lunar glory, there is a $20 million grand prize on the line.

3. The return of TV favs

cnnmoney hbo game of thrones

There’s important, big-dog TV coming down the pike. We’ll get Season 7 of “Game of Thrones” and, after a five-year hiatus, a Season 9 of “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Season 6 will be the last season for “Girls,” and in the streaming realm, Season 2 of “Stranger Things” will crawl out of the upside-down. In reality news, the former host of the “Celebrity Apprentice” is a little tied up with his new job, so new host Arnold Schwarzenegger will get to step into his shoes.

4. DeLoreans

money delorean

The future is back! The DeLorean Motor Company is letting buyers reserve their timeless vehicle online. The famous car was basically its own beloved character in the ‘Back to the Future’ saga. The manufacturer is running late on production but expects to crank out a car per month sometime in 2017.

5. Superfast trains

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Hyperloop: How to travel at 720mph in a vacuum
02:59 - Source: CNN

Are super speedy trains in our near future? One company, Hyperloop One, envisions trains traveling as fast as planes, but without the turbulence. The company will test their fastest trains in 2017, with even bigger things to come. “The goal,” they say, is to move “cargo by 2020 and passengers by 2021.”


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Amazon unveils new delivery service
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Drones are going to BIG. They’ll be everywhere! No really, everywhere. Google could soon make it rain with beer and pizza as they prepare to drone-deliver food from the skies to your doorsteps through the developing ‘Project Wing.’ Amazon will expand on its nascent drone operation in the UK, and mega-retailer Wal-Mart wants to use them too, to help maintain inventory in its warehouses.

7. Attainable ‘Hamilton’ tickets

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Being one of the cool kids is about to get a whole lot easier.