Ben Davis said his Evektor EV97 is an "excellent little plane."

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Ben Davis flew for 215 miles to spell out "Happy NY" in the sky

He owns and flies an Evektor EV97 just for fun

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All we could possibly ask for at the end of such an eventful year is a sign from above.

Ben Davis, an amateur pilot from Buckingham, England, was happy to accept this challenge.

To do so, Davis took his Evektor EV97 on an odd trip Thursday morning. His goal wasn’t to travel, but to spell out “Happy NY” on Flightradar24, a website that tracks flights all around the globe. Flying enthusiasts also use the website to log their flights. The message spelled out by the path Davis took can be seen on a map accompanying the flight details.

“Seeing as it was going to take over two hours to complete, I didn’t fancy flying far away to try,” Davis said. “The trick was to make it one continuous line, starting and stopping the radar track log back on the runway.”

The trip took 2 hours and 23 minutes and covered 215 miles between the towns of Royal Leamington Spa and Milton Keynes.

“It’s my first ever attempt and I’m pleased with it,” Davis said. “If I’d made a mistake when almost done, I’d have had to scrap it and start over.”

Davis has been flying for fun for ten years, but said that in the future, he might start taking requests.