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The American death penalty is falling out of favor, with sentences and executions hitting record lows, as the public expresses more opposition to it than at any point since the Civil Rights Movement.

The Death Penalty Information Center, which has released its annual report, found that executions in 2016 had fallen to their lowest level since 1991. The drop in state-sanctioned deaths has come at a time when less than half of Americans support the death penalty for people convicted of murder, according to the Pew Research Center.

In recent years, more than a half-dozen states including Louisiana and Oklahoma have stalled executions due to shortages of drugs used in lethal injections, legal challenges and changing injection protocols.

Despite growing opposition, voters in three states – Nebraska, California and Oklahoma – this year defeated ballot measures seeking to abolish the death penalty.

Below are some statistics facts that reflect the current state of the American executions.