5 things for Friday, December 23, 2016: Germany, Donald Trump, Syria

berlin attack suspect killed milan nadeau early_00012814
berlin attack suspect killed milan nadeau early_00012814


    Police: Berlin Christmas market suspect killed


Police: Berlin Christmas market suspect killed 02:00

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(CNN)Good Friday morning. Hope your holiday shopping's almost done, because there's just two more days till Christmas. Here's the 5 things you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.

1. Berlin Christmas market attack

Anis Amri is dead. The main suspect in the Berlin Christmas market attack was killed in a shootout with Italian police early this morning. Amri was stopped in a town near Milan and asked for his papers. Instead he pulled out a gun and fired. Police then shot him dead. One officer was injured and hospitalized.

    2. Nuclear policy

    Is this the start of a new US-Russia arms race? Donald Trump tweeted the nation must "expand its nuclear capability." This came just hours after Russian President Vladimir Putin said his country needed to boost its nuke strength. Keep in mind the US and Russia combined have more 14,000 nuclear warheads.

    3. Syria civil war

    Aleppo has fallen to the Syrian regime, a major turning point in the war. The government now controls all four of the nation's major cities, making an opposition government less likely. The last remaining civilians and rebel fighters either left or were evacuated Thursday. Many of them ended up in rebel-controlled parts of Idlib province, raising concerns it could become "the next Aleppo."

    4. Texas arrest controversy

    She called the police to complain that a neighbor had assaulted her son. Then she got arrested. So police in Fort Worth are investigating why, and the officer's on restricted duty. Facebook video shows the argument between the cop and the mom that escalated into the arrest.

    5. Ebola

    There's hope in the fight against Ebola. An experimental vaccine against the virus is 100% effective, a new study says. The vaccine was given to 5,387 people in Guinea who were in contact with patients who had the disease. No one who got the vaccine developed Ebola. The vaccine's manufacturer wants to get 300,000 doses ready in case of a new outbreak.


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