5 things for Thursday, December 22, 2016: North Carolina, Donald Trump, Germany attack

north carolina bathroom bill roy cooper sot _00000624
north carolina bathroom bill roy cooper sot _00000624


    NC legislature fails to repeal 'bathroom bill'


NC legislature fails to repeal 'bathroom bill' 00:46

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(CNN)Good morning. It's Thursday, just three shopping days left until Christmas. Here's what else you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.

1. N.C. bathroom law

The state's controversial law still stands. North Carolina lawmakers failed to repeal HB2. The state's Democrats didn't vote for it because it would have imposed a renewable, six-month moratorium on cities passing nondiscrimination laws. Charlotte's nondiscrimination ordinance started all this. The city rescinded it with the understanding that the state would then repeal HB2. But that didn't happen.

    2. Trump transition

    This is one Trump campaign promise some of his supporters hope he doesn't keep. Team Trump hinted that the president-elect may impose tariffs on foreign imports through executive action early in his presidency. That'll thrill those Midwestern voters who got him elected, but it's sending a chill through the GOP's pro-trade, business establishment wing.

    3. Hate crime law

    A Mississippi man pleaded guilty to killing his ex-girlfriend because she was transgender. It's the first time anyone's been prosecuted under the federal hate crimes law in a case involving a transgender person. Joshua Vallum had already pleaded guilty in state court, but federal hate crime charges were filed because Mississippi doesn't have a hate crime law for gender.

    4. Berlin Christmas market attack

    Anis Amri is Europe's most wanted man. He's the main suspect in the attack on the Christmas market in Berlin that killed 12 people and injured 48 others. He's 24 years old and considered armed and dangerous. He'd been on authorities' radar because they said he'd been in touch with radical Islamists. Amri's ID papers were found in the truck used in the attack -- right next to a Polish man who had been shot dead.

    5. Flight controversy

    Racial incident or out-of-control prank? Adam Saleh, a self-styled YouTube jokester, is known for his stunts, but he said there was nothing funny about getting tossed off a Delta flight in London. He said it was because he was speaking Arabic. Delta said some passengers felt Saleh was creating a disturbance.


    Off the road
    Uber's put the brakes on its self-driving cars in San Francisco after the California DMV pulled the test vehicles' registrations.
    Off the road, part 2
    Kayne West's tour is not going to Europe, so if you live in Paris or London and want to see Yeezus, you'll have to watch a YouTube video or something.
    Happy holidays
    Flaming Yule goats. Pooping logs. Hidden brooms. It's how the rest of the people on this planet say "Merry Christmas."
    Back on the farm
    What's one of the perks of being a rich, famous comedian (and Amy Schumer)? Being able to buy back the farm your family lost years ago.
    Welcome home
    A college basketball player gets a surprise visit during a game -- from his soldier brother, straight outta Afghanistan. These never get old.


    2.9 million
    That's how many more votes Hillary Clinton got over Donald Trump in the presidential election. But Trump won the Electoral College ... and the White House.
    That's how much Tennessee gave a man who served 31 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. He wants $1 million.


    Holiday jamz
    We can't seem to get enough of "Star Wars" or Christmas, so let's combine the two with this delightful rendition of "Silent Night" sung by Chewbacca. (Click to view)