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How the Berlin attack unfolded

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1. Germany attack

At least 12 people are dead in the suspected terror attack on a Christmas market in Berlin. Police say a huge truck was deliberately driven into a crowd of shoppers. The truck, from Poland, was carrying 25 tons of steel. Terror groups like ISIS have encouraged their followers to use vehicles to stage attacks.

2. Turkey assassination

Six people have been taken in for questioning in the shocking assassination of Russia’s ambassador to Turkey. Andrey Karlov was shot to death by an off-duty Turkish police officer during the opening of an art exhibit. The officer was later killed in a shootout. The brazen attack was denounced by Turkish and Russian leaders. Relations between the two countries had been improving.

3. Drone

The US has its drone back. China returned the underwater drone it seized last week in the South China Sea. The Pentagon said it will continue to investigate the incident. Analysts say the drone grab may be China’s way of responding to rhetoric from President-elect Donald Trump, who seems willing to challenge Beijing on a number of issues.

4. Electoral College

So much for faithless electors. Donald Trump got 304 electoral votes in the Electoral College, making his stunning Election Day victory official. There was a push to turn GOP electors against him, but that went nowhere. This news will either bring you great joy or great heartburn, but you better get used to it. Trump’s inauguration is one month from today.

5. MH370

The search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 continues, but officials think they’ve been looking in the wrong place. A report from the Australian government says new analysis recommends a section of the Indian Ocean to the northeast of the current search area should be explored.


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