Van Jones: 'Cyber war is real war'

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    Van Jones: "Cyber war is real war"


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Story highlights

  • Van Jones criticized President-elect Trump's relationship with Russia on Sunday
  • CNN political commentator questioned why Trump had not condemned Russian intervention in US election
  • Jones: "This is baffling to anyone with a functioning brain stem"

(CNN)CNN political commentator Van Jones doesn't mince words in condemning Donald Trump's relationship with Russia.

"This is baffling to anybody with a functioning brain stem," he told Jake Tapper Sunday on CNN's "State of the Union."
Jones said the country and the President-elect must "be honest" about the extent of Russia's intervention in the US election.
    "Yes, other presidents tried say nice things about the Russians and you know, warm things ... (but) not in the face of an active attack on the country! Cyber war is real war," he said.
    Jones criticized President-elect Trump's failure to categorically condemn Russian hacking.
    "So you have an active attack on our country and the President-elect cannot find it in himself to say this is wrong and it needs to stop?" Jones, exclaimed, aghast.
    "Listen, he can respond personally to an attack," he continued. "He can respond as a partisan to an attack, but he can't respond as a patriot to an attack? This is an attack on our country.
    "Everybody sitting here, trying to pretend this is normal? It's not normal and it's dangerous," Jones added.