5 things for Friday, December 16: Election hacks, cold weather and Charleston shooting verdict

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(CNN)Obama has stern words for Russia, and the weather outside really IS frightful. Happy Friday! Here's what you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.

1. Russia hacks

Vladimir Putin may have had a personal hand in US election hacking by Russian entities. This is according to new US intelligence that shows sophisticated tools, say, the kind that would need high level approval, were used. President Obama is not happy over the hacks, and said the US will need to "take action" against Russia in the future.

    2. Aleppo

    We are in the second day of a ceasefire that has allowed thousands of citizens to finally leave Aleppo. However, for some evacuees, leaving simply means trading one war zone for another: Idlib, a city that has also come under heavy fire from the Syrian regime. Meanwhile, Putin has called for a national ceasefire and treaty talks as a way to end the war.

    3. Charleston shooting

    Dylann Roof has been found guilty of killing nine churchgoers at a South Carolina church in 2015. The question now is whether he will face the death penalty. The jury will get to decide that next month. If he is sentenced to death, he will join the likes of other detested terrorists and killers who were handed the same fate, like Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh.

    4. Winter weather

    It's not your imagination, it really is blisteringly cold outside. Here's what that could mean for your holiday packages (hopefully nothing), and here are some intense winter weather pictures from around the country that you can show your friends who insist you're complaining for no reason.

    5. North Carolina

    North Carolina Republicans are rapidly rolling out bills intended to limit the power of their state's newly-elected Democratic governor. It's being called a "power grab," and protesters flocked to the state Capitol in Raleigh on Thursday to voice their displeasure. Some were arrested, which added to the tense situation.

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