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Clinton supporters hope for electoral surprise

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Unlikely switch by electoral college, which votes Monday, only remaining avenue

"Anything can happen," one says

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The chances that enough electors will vote to change the outcome of the presidential election are slim, but some Hillary Clinton supporters hope there could be an electoral surprise.

“Maybe the electoral college will do what Hamilton and the other founding fathers saw as the role of the electoral college, [which] was just to keep a sociopath from gaining the office of president,” Carol Evans told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota in an interview that aired on “New Day” Friday.

Evans and five other Clinton supporters sat down with Camerota to discuss what they would like to see when the electoral college votes on Monday. All members of the panel said they were politically active, from volunteering for Clinton’s campaign to vocally supporting Democratic candidates. Evans is a co-founder of the group Executive Women for Hillary.

It’s highly unlikely that anything will change; 37 electors would have to abandon their plans to vote for Donald Trump. However, one Republican elector from Texas has spoken out and said he will not vote for the President-elect.

“Just like I was waiting with my glass of wine, not expecting Pennsylvania to go red,” Sonia Payton said, laughing, “anything can happen.”

Although their fingers are crossed, they know the change they are talking about probably won’t materialize.

“I don’t think there’s any hope,” Evans conceded. “I think that [Trump] will be sworn in.”

The electoral college is all these Clinton supporters have at this point, but that does not mean they like the system.

“If you’re a voter in California, you have 53 electoral college votes representing you, but if you’re a voter in Wyoming, you have three electoral college votes representing you,” Evans said. “This is why we have this winner who won based on acreage, not on population of this country.”