Stay warm and help those in need with this winter safety checklist


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Winter weather is associated with risks for heart attacks, asthma symptoms, frostbite and hypothermia

Experts offer tips for keeping yourself and others safe when the weather outside is frightful

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When winter storms force us to brace for freezing rain, wind, sleet and snow, many lives could be put in danger.

Infants and older adults are most at risk for cold-related illnesses or injuries, because babies lose body heat more easily and older adults tend to make less body heat.

Yet if the snow shows no signs of stopping, there are many steps you can take to keep yourself and others safe as Jack Frost sweeps the country.

When staying indoors during a winter storm, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers tips for looking after yourself and others:

  • Make sure any infants younger than 1 year old are not sleeping in cold rooms and have adequate warm clothing, such as footed pajamas, one-piece wearable blankets or sleep sacks – but remove any pillows or other soft bedding from a baby’s crib, since they pose the risk of smothering or sudden infant death syndrome.
  • If you have friends or neighbors older than 65, check on them frequently to ensure that their homes are adequately heated.
  • The fire might be so delightful, but be careful while using space heaters or fireplaces, and avoid using candles during a power outage.
  • Never use an electric generator or gas or charcoal grills indoors.
  • Leave water taps slightly open to prevent freezing pipes.
  • Eat well-balanced meals to stay warm