Package deliverers watching the wintry skies

UPS trucks in New York may have to deal with some snow this weekend.

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  • UPS has five meteorologists on staff
  • Postal service is delivering more than 750 million packages this season

(CNN)Dear Mother Nature,

Some of us just got around to ordering our presents. You mind maybe holding off on the white stuff for a couple of days until they get where they are going?
Maybe we're fretting needlessly about the holiday gifts. The folks who deliver the goodies say they have it under control.
    United Parcel Service has a team of five meteorologists keeping up with the latest weather. If there is a storm that might affect deliveries, the weather people talk with UPS's contingency team and reroute packages.
    On Thursday, deliveries and pickups in Idaho were affected. according to the company's service updates page. Issues were isolated to rural areas, spokeswoman Susan Rosenburg said.
    We hear you might bring some wear-you-best-heavy-coat weather this weekend. A storm currently in the West will sweep across the US on Friday and Sunday, bringing a mess of winter weather with it, CNN's Weather Unit says. In some northern areas, up to 10 inches of snow is possible.
    Other areas will see heavy rain. Freezing rain will be possible throughout the Appalachians Friday into Saturday. On Sunday, the downpours will continue on the East Coast.
    It will be ridiculously cold in many areas.
    Here's hoping your plans, Mother Nature, don't delay too many presents for too long.
    The US Postal Service has said it will deliver about 750 million packages this holiday season. Some might be take a few extra days.
    "Canceled flights have caused minor delays due to inclement weather," spokeswoman Sue Brennan said. "There have been some locations where delivery has not been possible due to weather conditions, and the safety of our employees is of the utmost importance."
    Brennan said the USPS is working hard to get packages to their destinations in time.
    "It's what we do!" she wrote in an email.
    FedEx also said some service delays can expected.
    "FedEx is committed to providing service to the best of our ability in areas that can be safely accessed," the company said.
    The shipper said to check its website for updates.
    Thank you for your consideration, Mother Nature. We hope everything gets to our loved ones soon, but if not, we're reminded Christmas has 12 days and Hanukkah has eight.