03:07 - Source: CNN
Spicer, Cuomo go head-to-head about transition
CNN —  

A heated debate broke out on “New Day” Thursday between CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Republican National Committee spokesman Sean Spicer.

The topic? President-elect Donald Trump’s margin of victory.

“The American people have understood exactly what they’re getting and they voted overwhelmingly for him,” Spicer said.

But Cuomo took issue with the word “overwhelmingly,” citing the popular vote and Trump’s victory as low compared to electoral margins of past presidents.

“If you want to be straight about it and transparent, it wasn’t overwhelming,” Cuomo said.

That moved the debate toward transparency, something Spicer was talking up the day before on CNN, when he told Kate Bolduan that the transparency of the Trump transition team “has exceeded any modern president.”

“Transparency, which you were touting yesterday, is woefully lacking where it matters most,” Cuomo said. “You’re letting us know what you want us to know.”

“We’ve been unbelievably transparent,” Spicer replied, bringing up the camera in Trump Tower that shows who comes and goes from the President-elect’s office. He argued that it’s the media that wants more, not everyday Americans.

“The American people have been unbelievably supportive,” he said.