Carrie Ann Inaba gets engaged

Robb Derringer and Carrie Ann Inaba attend the 2016 Creative Arts Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater in September.

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  • The "Dancing With the Stars" judge is newly engaged to actor Robb Derringer
  • Soap actor Derringer pops the question at a secluded beach cove

(CNN)Look for Carrie Ann Inaba to get married on a Saturday.

The "Dancing With the Stars" judge is newly engaged to actor Robb Derringer and said that day of the week holds meaning for them.
"Saturdays are special to us, because our first date was on a Saturday and we have celebrated with a toast, a visit to a beach, special date, a motorcycle adventure, or a road trip on every Saturday since," Inaba told People. "So on Saturday, we returned to the place of our first date and got engaged at the same place we shared our spontaneous and magical first date."
    Soap actor Derringer popped the question at a secluded beach cove in California and the two apparently couldn't be happier.
    "I knew after our first romantic date that if she felt for me what I felt for her, then it was something that was going to be significant and life-changing and lasting," he said. "There was just a powerful and palpable sense of destiny that I could not deny."
    Inaba said she believes age has brought them both some wisdom.
    "I think that because we were both 48 when we met and had both experienced so much life before meeting, our love unfolded in a different way than it does when you are 28, and for that we are grateful," she said.
    The couple "balance" each other she said.
    "Our love seems to grow exponentially with every new experience we share and I look forward to waking each day knowing my love is in this world with me, and I am excited to face everything that comes our way in life together, united in this beautiful love," Inaba said. "Because he's my person and I am his."
    We can't wait to see what their first dance will be at their reception.