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Fears that Trump is putting Taiwan in a precarious position

Legislator says island doesn't want to be part of zero sum game

Hong Kong CNN  — 

When Donald Trump accepted a phone call from Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen, many Taiwanese were delighted at having a spotlight turned on their diplomatic isolation.

But that elation is turning to apprehension as the island risks becoming a pawn in a wider game between two superpowers.

President-elect Trump suggested Sunday that US support for Taiwan was negotiable and the “one China” policy that has governed relations between the three governments for decades could be a source of leverage to force concessions from China on other issues.

“Being the lever isn’t a good place for Taiwan,” said Joanna Lei, a former legislator who now heads the Chung Hua 21th Century Think Tank in Taipei.

“China can’t make a hasty move on the US or Donald Trump, but China can easily make a move on Taiwan,” she said.

“So if China is going to lean, which side are they going to lean on? Of course they will lean on Taiwan.”

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