Libyans use 'leftovers' to defeat ISIS

Published 10:06 PM ET, Tue December 13, 2016
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A tank fires against ISIS positions in Sirte, Libya, in September. Photographer Manu Brabo documented the monthslong battle that ended with Sirte's liberation in early December. Manu Brabo
A view through a sniper hole. Manu Brabo
A member of the Libyan forces is helped by his comrades after being hit by an ISIS sniper in October. Manu Brabo
A Libyan fires at ISIS militants in October. Brabo said resources were limited. Libyan forces reused tanks and ammunition from their civil war in 2011. Manu Brabo
This building in Sirte was hit by several airstrikes. Manu Brabo
A Libyan fighter rests during a break in combat. Manu Brabo
A street is bombed in September. Manu Brabo
The interior of the National Bank Building, which was occupied by Libyan forces after weeks of battle. Manu Brabo
Libyan fighters enter a damaged building. Manu Brabo
Brabo said the Libyan fighters came from nearby cities and were anywhere from 16 to 60 years old. Manu Brabo
A Libyan fighter uses a dummy to attract the attention of an ISIS sniper in September. Manu Brabo
Libyan fighters hold a defensive position inside a school. Manu Brabo
Libyan forces watch an airstrike on ISIS positions in September. Manu Brabo
A wall damaged by shrapnel. Manu Brabo
This smashed car was used as cover in the middle of a Sirte road. Manu Brabo