5 things for Friday, December 9: John Glenn, Donald Trump, giraffes

Former astronaut John Glenn dead at 95
Former astronaut John Glenn dead at 95


    Former astronaut John Glenn dead at 95


Former astronaut John Glenn dead at 95 03:10

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(CNN)Just in time for Christmas come the coldest temperatures of the season so far. Here's what else you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.

1. John Glenn

Astronaut. Senator. Hero. John Glenn, the first American to orbit the Earth, died at age 95. His three orbits of the planet in 1962 aboard the tiny capsule Friendship 7 thrilled a nation worried it was losing to the Russians in the space race. He served in the Senate for more than 20 years, before climbing aboard the shuttle Discovery in 1998 and blasting off again at age 77, becoming the oldest person to go into space. He was the last of the nation's first astronauts.

    2. South Korea

    South Korean lawmakers have voted to impeach President Park Geun-hye. Her fate's now in the hands of the country's constitutional court, which can take up to six months to decide whether to boot her from office -- if she doesn't resign first. Thousands celebrated the news in the streets. Park's popularity plummeted in the midst of a corruption scandal involving some of her aides and confidantes.

    3. Donald Trump

    The next President of the United States will have a side gig. Donald Trump will remain executive producer of "Celebrity Apprentice," even after he moves into the White House. That's going to be awkward for NBC, since it will air the show and cover his presidency. No word either on how much Trump will be paid.

    4. Giraffes

    A world without giraffes? Horrible to think about, but it could happen. A conservation group now lists the beautiful creatures as "vulnerable." That's because there's been about a 40% decline in giraffe populations the past couple of decades.

    5. Cold weather

    News alert: It's (almost) winter, and it's cold outside. Over the next week 80% of the country will be below freezing at some point, with frigid temps reaching all the way down to the Gulf Coast this weekend. Brrrrrr. At least this will get you in the mood to get some of that Christmas shopping done.


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