5 things for Thursday, December 8: Gatlinburg, Pakistan crash, Donald Trump

gatlinburg fires juveniles charged district attorney general presser sot _00004816
gatlinburg fires juveniles charged district attorney general presser sot _00004816


    Two juveniles face aggravated arson charges


Two juveniles face aggravated arson charges 00:51

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(CNN)Good morning. Familiar with the color "greenery?" No? Well get ready to see a lot of it in 2017. Now let's Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.

1. Tennessee wildfires

A pair of teens were charged with arson in the deadly wildfires that scorched Gatlinburg. We don't know any other details, but more charges against them are being considered. Meanwhile, residents and business owners were able to return to the area. Thankfully recent heavy rains have helped put out most of the fire.

    2. Pakistan crash

    Everyone on the airliner that crashed in Pakistan is dead. The pilot of the Pakistan International Airlines flight made a mayday call declaring engine trouble before the plane crashed into the mountains near Abbottabad. There were 47 people on board, including a famous pop star-turned religious singer and two babies.

    3. Trump transition

    Some people call this putting the fox in charge of the hen house. Donald Trump's picked Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to lead the EPA. Pruitt's a climate change science denier, a good friend of the fossil fuel industry and has sued the agency in the past over power plant regulations. Democrats say, yeah, he's the perfect guy to protect the environment. They promise a nomination fight.

    4. Indonesia earthquake

    The death toll in the earthquake that rocked the country's Aceh province is rising. At least 102 people were killed and 136 were seriously injured in the 6.5-magnitude quake that flattened homes, businesses and mosques in the Pidie Jaya district. More medical personnel have headed to the area because a hospital there also was damaged.

    5. Lebanon rape law

    Lawmakers made moves to dump a law that let rapists avoid punishment by marrying their victims. A day earlier women wearing wedding gowns stained with fake blood held a protest against the law in Beirut. In some Middle Eastern countries rape survivors are sometimes pushed to marry their attacker.


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