Everyone wants to rule the world, but in 2016 only Chewbacca mom did

chewbacca mask lady viral video newday_00003415
chewbacca mask lady viral video newday_00003415


    Woman dons Chewbacca mask, brings joy to Internet


Woman dons Chewbacca mask, brings joy to Internet 01:34

(CNN)Facebook's 2016 "Year in Review" reveals a population flitting, as always, between topics of great import -- elections, social movements -- and completely random diversions (Remember Pokemon Go? It seems like ages have passed).

Here's what you watched and obsessed about, usually with good reason.

The most-watched global Facebook Live videos

For all of the terrible stuff that happened on Facebook live this year (shootings, people just documenting the most boring aspects of their lives for no reason), this list is actually pretty quality. Good job, Facebook lurkers. You didn't dwell too long in the void.
    1. Candace Payne, Chewbacca Mom
    2. Ted Yoder, Soundscapes
    Here's a guy just absolutely shredding a hammer dulcimer. This is good stuff. So innocent, so pure.
    3. Buzzfeed, Countdown to the next presidential election
    4. Atlanta Buzz, People are lining up to hug police officers in Dallas
    Obviously, a lot of Live videos reflected the big stories of the year. They also focused on the humanity of them.
    5. NBC News, Election results
    6. Under the Hood, Video of a truck completely carved out of wood
    7. Viral Thread, Population count from US to Canada
    If you thought Facebook Live couldn't sustain an influx of election jokes, you thought wrong.
    8. CNN, Election results on Empire State building
    Wow, what a great video. So good. Probably the best video.
    9. Dena Blizzard, Pokemon Go for moms "Chardonnay Go"
    Where we come from, running around the neighborhood drinking wine in the bushes is just a typical Wednesday afternoon.
    10. Super Deluxe, Election map

    The most talked-about global topics

    These are a lot less fun. It turns out, your Facebook friends aren't just posting their babies' drool-caked faces and memes of dinosaurs. They're actually talking about NEWS.
    ...and Pokemon.
    1. US Presidential Election
    2. Brazilian politics
    3. Pokemon Go
    4. Black Lives Matter
    5. Rodrigo Duterte and Philippine Presidential Election
    6. Olympics
    7. Brexit
    8. Super Bowl
    9. David Bowie
    10. Muhammad Ali
    If that wasn't enough reminiscing for you, you can view your own personal Facebook year in review here.