German Chancellor Angela Merkel delivers her opening statement at her party's annual federal congress on Monday in Essen.
CNN —  

One of the most powerful global leaders is – just like us – struggling to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology.

At a Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party conference in Essen on Monday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was taken aback by an unfamiliar device positioned next to her.

As she was about to deliver her speech, the German leader stopped to ask, “What is that device? Can anyone give me some technical help? What is it?”

The item in question? A 360 degree camera.

With a wry smile, the Chancellor asked a pool of journalists in a clip captured by German media: “Does it rotate? And is it a good idea that it stands sideways?”

Both the media and Merkel shared a laugh when she learned the camera belonged to her party, the CDU.

Merkel is not the first politician to need help with technology.

360 degree cameras have been rising in popularity over the last decade.

During the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton, it was revealed that the former US Secretary of State used a BlackBerry and an iPad to check emails because she does not use a computer.

President-elect Donald Trump has said he simply doesn’t believe in email – and wants to ‘close up’ large parts of the internet.

President Obama, however, might be one of the most technologically aware leaders in the developed world -- even hinting this summer that he would be interested in becoming a venture capitalist.