5 things for Tuesday, December 6: Michael Slager, Oakland fire, Bill Cosby


    Mistrial declared in Michael Slager trial


Mistrial declared in Michael Slager trial 01:32

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(CNN)Good Tuesday morning. All the stories below are 100% true. (It's sad that we've reached a point where we even have to add such a disclaimer.) Here's what you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.

1. Michael Slager trial

We debated leading with that image because some of you will find it disturbing. And you should. It shows ex-South Carolina cop Michael Slager shooting an unarmed, fleeing man - Walter Scott - in the back, from 18 feet away -- on video. A judge declared a mistrial after at least one juror said he wouldn't vote to convict Slager and he wasn't changing his mind.

    2. Oakland fire

    They were musicians and singers, students and artists. And they were all really young. We're learning more about the people who perished in the Ghost Ship fire in Oakland. One traveled to the warehouse to perform. Another was an elementary school teacher. One was just 17.

    3. Fake news

    Fake news has real consequences. You've heard about the D.C. pizzeria where an armed man walked in to "investigate" the made-up story about the Clinton campaign and a child sex ring. Four other businesses have also been targeted. Over in Italy, half of the most popular stories related to the weekend's failed referendum were fake. Here's how to spot them and outsmart them.

    4. Syria civil war

    Russia and China teamed up to veto a resolution for a week-long ceasefire in Aleppo. The Russians said it wasn't the right time for a vote since talks it's having with the US are making progress. A US official called that line a bunch of bull. Meanwhile, a 7-year-old Aleppo girl who captured the world's attention with her tweets posted a goodbye, saying 'Pray for us.'

    5. Bill Cosby

    It was the deposition that completely turned public opinion against him, and now it will be used against him in court. Bill Cosby's admission that he had affairs and gave women drugs so they'd have sex with him is admissible, a judge ruled.


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