01:02 - Source: CNN
Mudd on Trump transition: 'A clown show'
CNN  — 

Descriptive language and colorful imagery were in no short supply Tuesday evening, as guest Philip Mudd joined CNN with his candid thoughts on Gen. Michael Flynn.

“I’m watching a clown show,” said Mudd, the former deputy director of the CIA.

Host Wolf Blitzer had asked Mudd if he felt President-elect Donald Trump had made the right decision in tapping Flynn as his national security adviser. Ever the intelligence officer, Mudd’s response was clear and direct.

“Absolutely not, zero chance.”

Quickly morphing – in his own words – from a “CNN commentator to a former CIA official,” Mudd went on to list a collection of men and women who have previously held the post Flynn is scheduled to occupy, all the while denouncing Flynn’s behavior during the recent campaign.

“We transition now to a national security adviser [Flynn] – in a political realm – who argues that an opponent, on the stump, should be locked up in prison, who argues that a billion plus Muslims should be grouped together.”

Mudd went on to express his ire at the idea that Flynn’s son – Michael G. Flynn – had security clearance requested on his behalf.

“Then we go on to argue that that individual’s son, who retweets fake news, should be given access to top secrets.”

In exasperated fashion, Mudd closed by sharing with Blitzer his overall dissatisfaction with the way Trump is readying for his role as the nation’s 45th commander in chief.

“I’ve had it with this, Wolf. I want to see a transition from a campaign to reality, and I don’t see it yet.”