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Trevor Noah and Samantha Bee tip hats to CNN's Jake Tapper

Jake Tapper admits he won't be able to wear the winning T-shirt in front of his children.

Story highlights

  • Comedians take note of Jake Tapper calling out campaign officials
  • "Crapcatcher" award from "The Daily Show" was one of the honors

(CNN)CNN's Jake Tapper has received two of the highest "honors" from comedians Trevor Noah and Samantha Bee for his post-election news coverage.

"The Daily Show" host presented Tapper with a "Crapcatcher" award during Monday's show for telling Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, "I'm saying -- just because a president does something doesn't make it presidential."
The award followed an interview Sunday on CNN's "State of the Union" with Conway and Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook in which Tapper disagreed with Conway's justification of Trump tweeting that millions of people had voted illegally without evidence.
    Noah commended Tapper, saying, "He saw the semantic BS Kellyanne Conway was pulling and he called on it, which is why he earned another prestigious Crapcatcher award."
    Bee, host of TBS' "Full Frontal With Samantha Bee," praised Tapper for "making cable news bearable" after the election and gave him the show's first "Thunder C---" award in the form of a graphic T-shirt. (Time Warner is the parent company of both TBS and CNN.)
    "Although I can't show it to my children, I do appreciate the effort," Tapper said, holding up the T-shirt. "It has been an election where I've said similar words that start with a 'P' but not that particular one."
    Tapper concluded, "I really appreciate it. I will never, ever wear it. But thank you."