Dancing officer helps usher in donations for the Salvation Army

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Dancing officer salvation army_00000000


    Dancing officer brings in donations for Salvation Army


Dancing officer brings in donations for Salvation Army 00:38

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  • Cleveland, Tennessee, police officer Sean Bulow danced to raise money for the Salvation Army
  • The department raised a total of $1,141.06 in just a few hours

(CNN)Fundraising requires passion, commitment, and sometimes, skill.

Officer Sean Bulow of the Cleveland Police Department in Tennessee proved this with his dance moves on Monday.
As part of the Salvation Army's "Battle of the Bells" challenge, the CPD dueled the Bradley County Sheriff's Office to see who could raise more money. Bulow took the challenge several shimmies further than most.
    "After a few minutes of ringing the bell, Bulow decided he would provide a little entertainment to encourage shoppers to give," CPD Public Information Officer Evie West said in a statement.
    According to the statement, officers blared music through the public address system while Bulow brought the crowd.
    The Salvation Army confirmed a total of $1,141.06 was raised by the CPD in just a few hours.
    "Little did we know that within hours of being posted, the video would go viral," West said.
    Many Facebook users expressed their support.
    "Thank you for bringing back cheer to the Red Bucket!" said one.
    Another commenter was intrigued in a different way: "Is he single? I'll move back to TN!"
    The CPD commented back to confirm that Bulow, unfortunately for the fan, is married.
    The video had nearly 400,000 views as of Tuesday morning.