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Are people without kids happier?
04:13 - Source: CNN

Editor’s Note: This story was originally published on in 2014.

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New study finds no difference in life satisfaction between parents and non-parents

Parents experienced more highs and lows than the child-free, study found

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When it comes to who is happier, parents or child-free people, most of the research up until now has concluded that it is the childless who are more satisfied with their overall lives.

As a married mom of two, I always find myself reacting a bit defensively to that research.

“I’m happy,” I say to myself. I may be stressed, sleep-deprived and sorely in need of “me” time, but I am very satisfied with my life. Isn’t it possible that I could be just as happy as someone without kids – even if they have more time to sleep and take care of themselves?