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Donald Trump took credit for Carrier keeping 1,000 jobs in Indiana

Voters in Ohio think the President-elect will do similar things in their state

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Sitting across from her laptop at a coffee shop Thursday morning, Monica Perdomo had no doubt. None. What President-elect Donald Trump had just done in the state next door – Indiana – was going to happen in Ohio soon. Period.

“Replicated? Certainly,” she said when I asked if she expected a similar deal to be struck for any Ohio manufacturer threatening to relocate jobs.

Dave Cagigas, who came into the shop located in Hyde Park neighborhood on the east side of Cincinnati a few minutes later agreed completely – but went further. This deal struck to keep 1,000-plus jobs in Indiana at the company Carrier from relocating to Mexico was something that would be replicated not just in Ohio, but nationwide. Why? Because that’s exactly what Trump said would happen during the campaign.

“He truly wants to make a difference and save jobs here,” he said.

Landing in Cincinnati as the deal was being finalized, I was intrigued to see how Trump supporters – and those who didn’t like him at all – would react to the Carrier agreement. I came here to cover the first stop on the President-elect’s “Thank You” tour, but this seemed like a better use of reporting time. The holes in the deal have become crystal clear. The idea that it could be replicated in Ohio, or really any other state, is suspect at best. But having covered Trump’s campaign for much of the last 11 months, I had an idea of how it would be perceived, regardless of the details or potential problems and red flags.

The below thread is what I found: