A safe haven for teenagers living with HIV

Published 8:49 PM ET, Wed November 30, 2016
02 Teens born with HIV South Africa02 Teens born with HIV South Africa
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At the Mercury Hibberdene Childrens Camp, teenagers visit once a year from an HIV clinic visit once a year. Sabelo Chonco, center, and Nhlanhla Phewa talk with camp leader Tshepo Tshipe. Rogan Ward/International AIDS Society
The rural area near the teen camp is poverty-stricken, like many of the regions the teens themselves come from. Rogan Ward/International AIDS Society
Sabelo Chonco was born with HIV but only found out when he became sick at the age of 14. RoganWard/International AIDS Society
At the camp, attendees learn how to build strength and confidence but also just have fun like other teens. RoganWard/International AIDS Society
Nhlanhla Phewa, a former clinic attendee, volunteers at the summer camp. RoganWard/International AIDS Society
The teens hold "babies" during a life skills workshop to ready themselves for adulthood and the challenges that will bring. Rogan Ward/International AIDS Society
More than 40 teens attended the clinic in 2016, many of whom had returned from the previous year to bond further with their peers. Rogan Ward/International AIDS Society