Chrissy Teigen’s go-to gift for John Legend and more celebrity inspired gift ideas

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What’s a girl to get a guy that has everything? That’s the problem Chrissy Teigen is faced with every year around the holidays when it comes to buying a gift for her husband, John Legend.

But Teigen said she has one go-to gift idea for the Grammy winner each Christmas.

“I get him a suede man bag every year that he looks forward to because he uses it every single day for that year,” Teigen said. “There’s nothing he looks forward to more than that bag.”

This year, the model and TV host is looking forward to spending the holidays with Legend and their baby, Luna in their newly renovated Los Angeles home.

“We are going to have our first official Thanksgiving at home,” she said. “All of John’s family is coming out. All of my family pretty much lives with us in the first place – my sister, my niece. It’ll be really a cozy, homey Thanksgiving.”

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But for Teigen, she’s typically so busy cooking up a storm that she usually doesn’t get to enjoy the Thanksgiving feast.

“I always joke that I never eat Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, ever. I eat it on Saturday,” she said. “When you’re tasting food all day, I cannot. I don’t even sit down with everybody and enjoy the meal. I’m so full and overwhelmed on garlic, onions and pepper and salt.”

Teigen’s holiday advice is to show some appreciation to the family cook – and don’t skip out on getting together with loved ones, even if it involves the hassle of travel.

“I think it’s really important, in some way or another, to be able to stick together,” she said. “And give your parents and your family that memory.”

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