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John Dingell served as a Michigan congressman from 1955-2015

He is one of many Democrats who have publicly disavowed Trump's Cabinet picks

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With President-elect Donald Trump’s preliminary Cabinet picks already gaining criticism, former Michigan Rep. John Dingell added his own personal disdain in a tweet Friday.

“Forget the basket. The truly deplorable ones end up in the Cabinet,” said Dingell, who served in the House longer than any other representative in history, making reference to a statement Hillary Clinton made during the presidential race calling some Trump supporters a “basket of deplorables.”

Dingell’s wife Debbie now serves in his former House seat.

Trump has already selected candidates for several key administration and Cabinet positions, including Breitbart’s Steve Bannon as chief strategist and Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions as attorney general, both seen as contentious appointments and ushering in critics from both sides of the aisle. Trump can simply hire Bannon, but as a member of his cabinet, Sessions will need to be approved by the Senate. In the 1980s, before he was a senator, Sessions failed to achieve Senate confirmation to the federal bench after a former colleague accused him of making racist remarks.

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One of the first sitting lawmakers to endorse Trump, Sessions has been haunted by old allegations of racism. Some, including Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, say Bannon’s alt-right publication Breitbart is linked to white nationalist groups.

Clarification: This post has been updated to make clear which positions require Senate approval.