Lose election bet, get a Trump tattoo

Man loses bet, gets Trump tattoo
Man loses bet, gets Trump tattoo


    Man loses bet, gets Trump tattoo


Man loses bet, gets Trump tattoo 00:52

(CNN)A Bernie Sanders supporter in Iowa made his lower back great again with a tattoo of Donald Trump's face after losing a bet following the presidential election.

Zach Cobert let his Facebook followers choose both the photo and location of the tattoo. He streamed the entire ordeal on Facebook Live and received thousands of views.
"I'm thinking about my life, how it went wrong, now I'm getting a Trump stamp," Cobert told CNN affiliate WQAD.
Zach Cobert didn't want a Trump tattoo on his back, but a bet's a bet, right?
His girlfriend filmed Cobert getting the tattoo, but she wasn't exactly on board with the idea.
    "I'm not happy with it," said Jenni Gang. "I have to look at it forever."
    Expressing a tinge of regret himself, Cobert mentioned, "I just wish I was getting a normal tattoo, something I wanted."
    It took a few hours for the Trump stamp to be created, but the fun isn't over just yet. Cobert has to go back for finishing touches, so perhaps we'll see more of him getting inked up on Facebook.
    Even though Trump will only be president for at least the next 4 years, it's safe to say he will leave a permanent imprint on Cobert's life.