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November 18, 2016

This Friday, learn about some upcoming changes in the U.S. Congress. We also examine the significance of a meeting between the U.S. president-elect and the Japanese prime minister. And we explain the history of NAFTA, why the international agreement is controversial, and how its results have been mixed.
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1. In what South Pacific nation is the city of Christchurch, which is located about 30 miles from the epicenter of a natural disaster that struck on Monday morning?
2. Egypt, whose economy has been struggling since 2011, recently received a $12 billion loan from what 189-member global organization?
3. Dozens of forest fires in Appalachia have been made worse by what ongoing natural disaster?
4. Name the Iraqi city that's considered the last stronghold in Iraq for the ISIS terrorist group.
5. What is the currency of India, which the nation's government suddenly changed to stop counterfeiters but caused a series of problems in doing so?
6. Name one of the three countries to which U.S. President Barack Obama is traveling on his last international trip while in office.
7. What nation used to be under the rule of the Taliban, a militant group that is still fighting the country's government and U.S. troops?
8. As featured on Thursday's show, the Environmental Protection Agency's "AQI," with a scale ranging from 0 to 500, is an index of what?
9. A recently released study conducted by Imperial College London found that 1.13 billion people worldwide are living with what health issue?
10. Name the first foreign leader to personally meet with U.S. President-Elect Donald Trump since he was elected.
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