'Duck Dynasty' will end after current season, Robertsons announce

The redneck world of 'Duck Dynasty'
The redneck world of 'Duck Dynasty'


    The redneck world of 'Duck Dynasty'


The redneck world of 'Duck Dynasty' 01:54

Story highlights

  • The Robertson family announced Wednesday that the show will come to an end after its 11th season
  • Jase Robertson made the announcement with his family after the season premiere in a video message
  • The season finale will air April 12, 2017

(CNN)It's the end of a dynasty.

"Duck Dynasty," A&E's hit reality show about a Louisiana family whose business makes products for duck hunters, will end after its current 11th season.
The Robertson family made the announcement Wednesday night after the season premiere.
    "This will be our final season," Jase Robertson said. "After five years we've decided as a family for this to be the final chapter of the 'Duck Dynasty' series."
    Si Robertson added: "May God bless each and every one of you."
    The show premiered in 2012 and raked in viewers at first, but ratings have declined. The show was almost canceled in 2013 after the patriarch, Phil Robertson, gave an interview to GQ in which he compared homosexuality to "bestiality and promiscuity." He was briefly suspended from the show.
    The series finale will air April 12.