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Former Kansas Senator Bob Dole said he think the anti Donald Trump protests need to stop

Dole also said he hopes Trump adopts a pet when he enters the White House

Dole hopes people can "work together" for the good of the country

CNN  — 

Former Senator Bob Dole doesn’t want Americans who are unhappy with the results of the election to assume anything when it comes to president elect Donald Trump.

“I think we are going to know in six months where we are headed and in my opinion a lot of people are going to be pleasantly surprised,” Dole told CNN at the 2016 ASPCA Humane Awards Luncheon in New York City, where he was being honored.

The former Kansas Senator and 1996 GOP nominee had a message for the people who are protesting Trump in rallies and marches across the country.

“One would be to get off the streets,” he said. “I just believe we need to work together … We need to be friends and we need to do, you know the things that are good for the country. Do the right thing not the political.”

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Dole, an avid animal rights activist and and owner of two Schnauzers, said he hopes Trump follows in the footsteps of past presidents and gets a pet.

“Well we have a lot of [shelters] in D.C., but he may want a New York dog,” Dole said. “There are 80 million people who own pets in this country. It would seem that it’s something the President of the United States would acknowledge … the race is over so [adopting from a shelter] wouldn’t be for political purposes but it would just be to demonstrate his concern.”